We’re The Best Store For Windows Of Sash Variety 

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You are probably tired of searching for the best quality windows on the internet. If you live in Ireland and are looking for a window in sash design, boy do we have good news for you! Here at Classic Window Replacements, we have all kinds of windows to choose from, including sash windows. 

Vintage Design With Modern Tech

The thing about the sash windows we supply is that they are created in a way that retains the vintage aesthetic while using modern technology on the material and the way of production. 

Our UPVC sash windows are made of high-quality materials that outlast your other windows and doors. And they sport a very classic vintage design and structure that everyone loves. 

Vertical Sliding Windows

Donning the vintage vertical sliding orientation, these sash windows are pretty unique from what you are typically used to seeing. You can slide the window up, lock it into position and keep it open like that. The sliding up is quite smooth and feels seamless. 

Handles Made With Precision 

If the design and quality of the handles of your window matters to you, you are certainly in luck. The handles on these windows are so precisely made and have different intricate details on them.

You can actually choose from a variety of handle types such as sash pulls, knobs, locks, and various luxury handles. On top of that, you can choose the colour and shine on the handles too, depending on your taste. 

Bevelled Glass For A Unique Texture

You can get your window’s glass bevelled upon asking us beforehand. This bevelled finish makes the windows much more unique, and appealing. Many people like the texture, so we make sure to provide it without sash windows. 

These Are Highly Durable Windows

Made of high-quality UPVC material and thick glass, these windows are highly durable. You can rely both on the window frame and the glass to remain in good condition for several years, even if they get hit by your children’s playing ball. 

We Have Other Windows Too

Apart from sash windows, we also have other types of windows for your purpose. We aren’t called Classic Window Replacement for no reason, right? We have UPVC windows, flush windows, AluClad windows, Aluminium windows, Double Glazed windows, and even Triple Glazed windows. 

You can choose whichever window design you prefer and order it for your home. So if you don’t like the design of sash windows (which is highly unlikely), you can opt for any other design of windows from our store. 

Get A Free Quote On Sash Windows

If you are in need of the best quality window in the sash variety, we are your best bet. But in case you are still confused and want to discuss with a professional and get advice on what type of window to order, contact us and get a free quote. And when you end up deciding, check out our sash windows!