Get Your UPVC Window Hinges Replaced

UPVC Window Hinges


Hinges are what keep your windows together. The problem is that over time your UPVC window hinges might show issues and act up. From becoming rusty to getting broken, a lot of causes might require you to replace them. 

Lucky for you, here at Classic Window Replacements, we provide high-quality hinges and help you replace them. No matter what type of UPVC window you have, we have the perfect hinges for you. 

Open And Close Windows Properly

Are you having trouble opening or closing your windows because of a broken or malfunctioning hinge? It is high time you replaced it and got a better option in its place. We can understand exactly how irritating it can be when you can’t comfortably open your windows.

Not being able to get sunlight inside because your window’s hinges are acting up can be a real bummer. To solve that issue and to ensure it doesn’t happen again, we provide smooth hinges that won’t disappoint you. 

Different Hinge Systems For Your Windows

As you know, UPVC windows come in different shapes, sizes, and orientations. Whether your window opens from the right or left, up or down, we have the perfect hinges for any opening system. 

Since side-hung windows use a different type of hinge than the top-hung or even bottom-hung (rarely seen) hinges, we make sure to keep hinges from all of these orientations. 

We also have restrictors for each of these window orientations and provide them according to need. Side hung ones typically need one restrictor, while the top hung requires two on both sides. 

Available In Different Sizes

All windows are not built in the same size, obviously. So we make sure to provide hinges for a multitude of window sizes. These hinges are available in 210, 262, 311, 414, and 616 millimetres. You get to choose from these sizes depending on the size and requirements of your windows. 

Screws Or Rivets?

Many people argue that one is better than the other for keeping the hinges properly attached. Well, to please both parties, we provide both depending on what you think would be better. Although we do recommend screws, as they are more sturdy and reliable. 

Sturdy And Durable Hinges That Will Last

Made from the finest stainless steel, our hinges are made in a way that they won’t break apart so easily. The screws that keep it together are also very durable and ensures that the window does not break down. Many people even go as far as to replace the rivets that their hinges initially come with to get screws for that extra reliability. 

Call For UPVC Window Hinges Replacement 

For getting the smoothest functioning UPVC window hinges, there is no better place than Classic Window Repairs. If you live in Dublin and need your window hinges replaced, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are the best in Ireland for window and door replacements, so contact us if anything needs replacing.