Best UPVC Window Handles For Replacements

UPVC window handle

While there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to window handles, a UPVC window handle is always more preferable. You might not pay much attention to it, but it really comes in handy for opening or closing windows. 

In case you are looking to replace your old window handles, we suggest you go for this type of handle. And what better place to get these replacements done than Classic Window Replacements? We try our best to provide the most high quality window handles to our customers and help replace them as well. 

Works With Different Types Of Windows

The versatility of UPVC windows is what catches everyone’s eyes. While they are obviously meant for UPVC windows and doors, you can attach them to a bunch of other kinds of windows as well. Regardless of what kind of windows you have at home, you could get these handles and replace your old ones. 

Secure The Windows Of Your Home

We provide handles that are sturdy and offer enough security to the windows. With locks that function properly, and handles that open and close the windows smoothly, our UPVC handles are sure to secure your windows. 

It must also be noted that the handles we provide are quite durable, so say goodbye to handles that break easily. We offer handles made from different materials such as metal, wood, etc. We recommend getting the double-glazed handles for any kind of replacement work, as these are the most reliable and secure. 

Different Type Of Handles To Choose From

Speaking of types of handles, we offer them in a variety of different designs and models. You can get your hands on espag handles, Venetian window handles, cockspur window handles, tilt and turn ones, monkey tail ones, hook nosed ones, and spade, blade and fork models. 

Each of these is pretty unique in design and work great with UPVC windows. Espag handles are typically attached by two bolts and have a square shaped spindle that sticks out of its back. This one is the most commonly purchased design. 

A lot of people opt for cockspur and tilt and turn handles as they are quite easier to use. If you want to go for a different shape you could choose from spade, fork and blade handles. They have a unique design, but are sometimes a little tricky to replace. We can offer all of these different types of UPVC window handles, that too in a bunch of different material options. 

Contact Us If You Need Handle Replacements

So, if you really need to replace your window handles, you can contact us and we will bring the UPVC window handles to your doorstep. We do window and window handle replacements all over Dublin, and you can visit our showroom at Taney Road within our office hours. 

Get your hands on the best window handles from Classic Window Replacements, Dublin, and replace your old broken UPVC handles today!