Security Features

Security Features

When choosing your high security windows and doors it is important that the best hardware is installed to compliment the security of your home. Here at Classic Window Replacements we offer the very best in security options for your new windows and doors.

Our A-rated Window Security Features

All our window and door frames are reinforced with a galvanise steel U-channel.

A high security night venting facility on all opening window sashes allows each window to remain fully locked while in a slightly open position, allowing circulation into your home.

All glazing is internally beaded and designed to be removed from the inside only.

Maco spagullette multi locking systems, shoot bolts and hinge claws are used on every opening sash ensuring locking all around top, bottom and both sides of the window frame.


Security Glazing

Windows, doors and shopfronts are common entry points for thieves and intruders. Standard float or annealed glass panes are an easy target for vandals to gain access to a property as they fall apart upon impact. Security glass products can be up to 20 times stronger against impact compared to ordinary annealed glass.

Bandit resistant glazing adds a laminated security film to the outer pane of glass to strengthen it, making your home, shop or office a secure fortress without destroying the view. We have recently also included bullet resistant glass to our range of composite laminates.

All of our double/triple glazed units installed into doors and oversized windows are toughened as standard.

65mm reinforced composite material
70mm galvanized steel frame
8 point locking system
100% Security

Palladio Composite Door Security Features

  • Palladio Composite doors are made up of a 65mm reinforced composite material.
  • 70mm galvanized steel reinforced UPVC frame
  • All glazing beads are designed to be removed for the inside only.
  • All glazing in our Palladio Composite doors is triple glazed as standard.
  • We offer an extra security option having the outer pane of glass in the door or side screens laminated.
  • The Palladio Composite door has an 8 point locking system with hook lock, shoot bolts and sliding cams.