Lift and Slide Doors

Lift & Slide Doors

There’s no better door on the market than Classic’s Kommerming’s lift and slide Premi Door, which maximises the use of glass to allow a dramatic increase in naturel light in any space. It also offers an incredible smooth and quiet opening mechanism that’s been designed with typical German engineering and efficiency.

Our Premi-Door is capable of some incredible opening sizes and is perfect for any property to open up internal space into a garden or patio area. It also offers outstanding thermal, acoustic and weathering properties and is better for the environment, thanks to the use of the ‘Greenline’ lead-free UPVC compound.

We have a 4.8m example of the Premi lift and slide door on display in our showroom in Goatstown, Dublin 14.

Lift slide door
Lift slide door2

Some features include:

  1. Low line gaskets and weather seals provide lasting performance and slimmer sightlines.
  2. All glazing in our lift and slide doors is A-rated 28mm. This is made up of 4mm soft coat low E toughened glass, a 18mm Thermex warm edge spacer bar which gives a thermal brake from the outside and inside glass panes and finally a 6mm low iron white toughened glass.
  3. Reliable functionality, great handling and smooth and quiet running of the sliding sashes.
  4. Extraordinary measurements: sash sizes up to 3.0m wide and 2.5m high. Up to 4 sashes.
  5. All UPVC profiles are extruded in our exclusive lead-free Greenline compound.
  6. Outstanding thermal insulation threshold with thermal break for optimal isothermal properties.

Over 40 internal and external colours and woodgrains available.

Contact a member of our team if you have any further questions about our Lift and Slide doors or would like to organise a quotation.