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Double Glazing Windows Price and Features

Classic Window Replacements have introduced a range of high-performance double glazed units for your homes in Dublin. Enhanced and improved for complete safety and comfort, they are manufactured according to the highest industry standards, with an array of beneficial features.  

With the inclusion of soft-coat Low E glass, for instance, we can now achieve a centre pane U-value as low as 1.1 in all our double glazed windows. This solution provides you with a double glazing insulation, which ensures minimal heat loss and maximum energy efficiency for your home. 

With Classic’s double glass window solutions, your home will not be affected by adversely low or high temperatures outside. These glass units are perfectly fitted into the frames and sealed to be airtight, preventing any heat from escaping outside or cold from reaching the inside of your home.

All our new or replacement double glazed windows are made to measure, built to last, and designed to stand the test of time. In addition to that, our window contractors will ensure a quick and stress-free installation, allowing you to take full advantage of all the features our windows entail.



A-rated windows are windows with enhanced energy-efficiency, i.e. designed to let out as little heat as possible. All of Classic’s double glazed windows are A-rated as standard, manufactured with both A-rated frames and glass. 

Our 28mm A-rated double glass window is made up of 4mm soft coat low E glass, a 20mm Thermex warm edge spacer bar, which gives a thermal break from the outside and inside glass panes, and finally, a 4mm low iron white glass.

It is precisely the combination of these features and units that conserves the heat inside your home, keeping it energy-efficient, warm, and cosy.

You can view our full Pilkington obscure glass range by clicking this button.
More obscure glass types are available, just talk to a member of our team.

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All of our A-rated high insulation double glazed units are filled with Argon gas which adds another thermal barrier from outside elements.

Argon gas improves the U-value of your windows, resulting in even lower heat loss and higher energy efficiency. It enhances your noise insulation, decreases the possibility of frost or condensation on your windows, and does not harm the environment as it is non-toxic.

In addition to that, our process of sealing our units includes a dual PIB and Polyurethane seal. This will ensure our customers of premium quality, durability, and argon-retention.



Our manufacturing unit is licensed by Pilkington Energikare double glazing manufacturers. Pilkington is the top manufacturer of thermally broken glass that not only prevents heat loss from your home, but allows more heat from the sun to come inside.

On top of that, Pilkington double glazing manufacturers offer a range of attractive glass options. You can choose among a variety of different textured, decorative, and etched glass types.

And whether you are looking for a contemporary design or a more classic one, you will undoubtedly find one that fits your home best.



In addition to different glass solutions, we also offer a range of different types of our new double glazed windows in Dublin. These can include PVC double glazed windows, Aluclad windows, aluminium windows, double glazed sash windows, and others.

Our installers will help you decide on the best type of windows for your home and install it quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption and stress for you. Classic will ensure that your new double glass window looks beautiful and provides complete safety and comfort.



  • Energy efficient
  • Conserves heat
  • Highly secure
  • Increase comfort
  • Impervious to water
  • Strong and robust
  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Affordable and functional


  • Double glazing reinforced with a galvanised steel U-channel for added sturdiness and protection.
  • All opening window sashes come with enhanced security features, such as secure night venting where the window is in a slightly open position to allow air circulation, but fully locked and cannot be opened from the outside.
  • The double glazing on all windows is internally beaded and designed to only be removed from the inside.
  • All windows come with reinforced hinges, hinge claws, shoot bolts and multi lock systems, ensuring complete and full locking of the window frames from top to bottom.
  • The glass on all of Classic’s double glazed windows Dublin comes with a laminated security film on the outside pane, making it up to 20 times stronger and more impact-resistant than the regular, annealed glass.
  • All our double glazed units come toughened as standard.


Classic’s new and enhanced window solutions provide you with unmatched safety, as well as with the highest security and comfort levels.

If you want to know more about our double glazed windows price and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can organise a free quotation or a viewing at our showroom in Goatstown, Dublin 14.

Customer Reviews

  • Mike Struffonilo

    They did a great job. Most reasonable quote of 3 and got it done in a timely manner. Then when I needed additional windows, they came back out and did those quickly. Great Experience and highly recommend.

  • Bob Davis

    Excellent Pricing and quick complete service. This company has been around for ever so if a windows goes out, do not worry, they will take care of it without issue. They value your time also

  • Lisa Stutter

    We ordered in 2014 over 36 windows for our house and a townhouse of different sizes and styles. The windows are great, the savings on electrical has been awesome and the tint we got for the house is so good that no one can see into our house at night with light in the background! We are so pleased with our investment and the pricing was reasonable compared to others!

  • Stephanie J.

    They were quick, professional & very reasonable! Highly recommend.

  • Elly Peret

    Awesome and prompt service and affordable prices! I'll definitely contact them again!