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A Rated Windows


Classic Windows were established in Dublin 25 years ago, and have risen to become the go-to guys for UPVC windows in Dublin and beyond. Irish-owned, we fit A-rated UPVC replacement windows that are custom made, and thus wholly unique to you and your property. Home to a wide range of colours, styles, as well as an array of composite and UPVC doors, Classic Windows are confident in our professionalism, customer service, originality, and ace installation team.

When you’re looking to install new replacement double or triple glazed windows, one of the first things that comes to mind is cost. Cost is actually one of the benefits of UPVC windows, as this is often the cheapest material on the market after timber and aluminium. Classic Windows offers you quality at a low, affordable cost.

As well as being fairly low in price, un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) is also extremely durable. Although wood rots over time and aluminium picks up rust, UPVC is much more capable at standing up to the stern tests of time: Tough, strong and resilient, Classic Windows are so confident in our UPVC windows in Dublin that we offer a 10 year guarantee on all frames – no exceptions! The strong likelihood is that once you go UPVC, you won’t need to change.

We all want to feel secure in our home, and security is usually a prime factor when deciding which type of windows we want installed. UPVC’s offer unmatched security. At Classic Windows, we arm your home with reinforced hinges, hinge claws and a maco shoot bolt multi-locking systems.

Moreover, UPVC frames on our double glazed windows and triple glazed windows are constructed so that they are super hard, making them resilient to break-ins and overall damage. UPVC is second only to aluminium when it comes to being burglar-proof.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of UPVC’s is that they are maintenance free. If you go with timber and woods (or if you stick with timber and woods), you’ll generally need to re-paint your frames every 5 years or so. This is not to mention the refilling jobs and patching which their nature necessitates.

Aluminium is more resilient, but it still requires your attention. UPVC, on the other hand, doesn’t rot, rust, fade or flake. You might want to give your frames a quick wipe now and then with a cloth, but UPVC windows will save you time and any inconvenience.

Let’s not make any bones about it: Winters in Dublin are cold! And because winter is fast approaching, you’re probably thinking now is a better time than ever to replace your windows. One of the benefits of UPVC windows in cold, cold Dublin is that they are fantastic insulators. Far better than aluminium and wood when it comes to providing heat and energy insulation, UPVC’s will keep you warm once old father winter strikes.

As well as heat and energy insulation, UPVC’s also provide acoustic insulation, and can reduce outdoor noise by as much as a whopping 70%. If you live in a fairly noisy area and are looking for a bit more peace and quiet indoors, UPVC’s could well be the type of windows for you.

Normally, UPVC’s are depressingly familiar, and depressingly low in aesthetic value. Simple, unstylish, plain white plastic is usually the order of the day. At Classic Windows, though, we endeavour to make UPVC windows more exciting and more stylish. For this reason, all our UPVC glass is custom-made and tailored to suit the character of your home as best as possible.

Moreover, we at Classic Windows also offer a whole range of colours for you to choose from, as well as a range of styles, such as sliding sash windows, tilt and turn and French windows. This means that whatever type of house you own, our experts will be able to craft windows just for you.

We all know what the weather is like in Dublin during the autumn and winter, and when bad weather strikes (again), we ideally want double glazing whose frames don’t swell. UPVC’s are incredibly weather-resistant. Even during times of consistent dampness, the frames stay the same. Whereas wood typically swells during wet weather, leading to rotted frames that decrease your security, UPVC’s are totally weather proof. They’re even storm proof! They are also non-corrosive, and will not rust or rot.

Classic Windows are an Irish-owned windows replacement business that has been serving the Dublin area for the past twenty-five years. Reputable, professional and home to a team of experts, we are the go-to guys when it comes to providing you with UPVC installation. If you’re convinced that your home needs more security, durability and insulation with a pinch of style, why not get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you?