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Window and Door Showroom Dublin

Visiting Our Window and Door Showroom During COVID

How can you visit our window and door showroom during COVID-19? It’s a good question and we understand the concerns our customers have. At Classic Window Replacements, we’ve listened to government advice and put in place safety measures to make sure you can visit our showroom with confidence.

Businesses in Dublin were forced to close when lockdown was first announced. As the weeks have passed and restrictions have been gradually lifted, some businesses, such as our window showroom in Dublin, have been able to reopen as long as they adhere to strict social distancing rules.

But what does this mean for you as a customer? In this article, we’re going to explain what visiting our window and door showroom during COVID-19 means, and what we’re doing to keep our customers as safe as possible.

We Maintain Strict Social Distancing To Keep You Safe

“Social distancing” is a phrase few of us heard of before this year! Now, we’re all practising it.

To maintain safe social distancing, we only allow six people to enter through our front doors at any one time. When one person leaves, another person can enter and so on.

Once inside, we make sure that our customers maintain 2-metre social distancing the whole time they are in our door and window showroom. We have signs dotted around the showroom to remind our staff, and our customers.

We have also marked walkways on the floor to ensure that social distancing is maintained, pointing customers in the right direction via our newly installed one-way systems.

Of course, we don’t want to leave people standing outside, waiting to enter our showroom. But as we all fight this terrible virus and live with the “new normal,” we hope that everyone can see why this is necessary, and we always aim to see our customers as soon as we can.

With that in mind …

We Take Appointments

To help us manage customer arrivals, and to ensure that you’re not left waiting too long to be seen, you can arrange an appointment with us. Just give our window showroom a call and a member of our team will do their best to give you a slot when it is quiet.

We Have Implemented Hand Sanitisation Points

As you’ve probably noticed by now, supermarkets up and down the land have added hand sanitisation points for anyone who wants to disinfect their trolleys or baskets.

Here at Classic Window Replacements, we’ve done the same. If you wish to sanitise your hands before properly entering our showroom, our newly installed hand sanitisation points are “on hand” for you at our entrance and around the showroom. We would encourage all customers when entering our front door showroom to sanitize their hands.

We Sanitise Everything Daily

Hygiene has always been paramount for us at Classic Window Replacements – and it’s now more important than ever. According to research, COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for hours, and maybe even days.

We take your safety seriously and we want you to have confidence each time you come to browse – for example – our sparkling Palladio front doors. For that reason, and in line with government advice, we sanitise everything in our window and door showroom daily. We clean, wipe down and disinfect any surface that may have been frequently touched throughout the day (although it’s advice to our customers to not touch anything unless you’re purchasing it).

We use the strongest solutions possible to kill bacteria.

Sorry, We Can’t Shake Your Hand 🙁

Normally, we love to greet visitors with a handshake and a smile! But while we can still smile, we’re sadly not allowed to shake your hand for the present moment. (Just know that in our hearts we’d love to be shaking your hand with a warm greeting when you walk through our front doors).

We Advice Against Touching Surfaces

Visiting a window and door showroom in Dublin can be a real hands-on experience. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that, as we showed above, even surfaces are not exempt from being “quarantined.”
Essentially, we ask our customers to try to refrain from touching surfaces (such as door handles) as much as possible unless you plan to buy something. It’s just a good safety measure for all of us.

Do We Use PPE?

PPE guidance states that businesses in Dublin and elsewhere only need to use PPE if the risk of COVID-19 transmission is very high.

Because the risk of transmission is low in our showroom, we do not currently use PPE. Instead, we rely on the preventative measures presented above, such as strict social distancing and hand sanitisation.

If In Doubt, Just Ask Us! 🙂

We have put signs up around our showroom to communicate the new social distancing rules to our customers. If you’re unsure what to do, please check the signs, or – alternatively – just ask a member of our staff. They will be happy to assist you in any way they can. So if you’re looking for a new front door, sliding doors, French doors or new A-rated windows drop into our window and door showroom in Dublin and we can guide you through the process from start to finish.

We really hope this article has cleared things up for you, and given you the confidence you need to come and visit us. Whether you need zero maintenance front doors, new windows (tripled glazed as standard!) or wheelchair friendly front doors, we’ve got the lot. We take windows and door installation seriously – and we take COVID-19 and your safety seriously, too.

So come visit us and take a look around! No handshakes, though 😉