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Aluminium Doors Dublin Ireland

What Type of Doors in Dublin Should You Choose for Your Home?


When it comes to front doors, they are not just an entryway into your home. They have more than one function and should, therefore, satisfy more than one criterion.

They should be functional, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, as well as provide adequate protection from both the outside elements and any potential intruders.

But which doors in Dublin have these features and which should you choose for your home?

Read on and find out!


Palladio Composite Doors

Palladio composite doors are among the best front door choices in Dublin and wider. They come with numerous advantages that will keep you safe and your home efficient and functional.

This door solution is a combination of some of the best features you could get in a door. They are highly durable and sturdy, which means they will keep you safe and protected from the elements and intruders.

In addition to that, these high security front doors come with great insulating features, which means that they will equally successfully cancel out the noise from the outside as well as keep you warm and comfortable inside.

And on top of all of that, they come in a variety of beautiful styles and colours that will match any home exterior and significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.


French Doors

A French door is the perfect choice for your home if you are considering installing a new back door or replacing the old and dated one. 

They are the top choice among homeowners who are looking for high-quality exterior doors that lead to their backyard, garden or any other outside living space. 

But French doors are very commonly used as interior doors as well, dividing different rooms or areas inside your home.

No matter where they are installed, they will provide you and your home with excellent durability, protection, and sturdiness. 

Exterior French doors also provide your home with a lot of natural light, as they are made out of glass panels. This allows you to enjoy the sun whenever you can as well as to keep your home naturally warm along the way.


Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are another excellent choice for your home’s exterior door, leading to your patio, backyard or garden.

They are highly functional and easy to open and close as they slide very smoothly and silently from one side to the other. 

These patio doors will provide you with top-quality protection from the elements and they come toughened and fully reinforced with galvanised steel for extra safety and protection.

They are made out of glass panes and beautiful frames that come in a range of colours and textures for enhanced curb appeal.


Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors are homeowners’ top choice for either external or internal doors. They are very convenient and easy to use as they fold to the side as you are opening them.

They are made out of glass panels which are placed between sturdy and durable aluminium frames. 

A great advantage is that these aluminium bifold doors can come in several parts, i.e. panels that can fold. This way, for example, you can cover the entire length of your wall with them and open up your entire room to the outside space.  

You can have an amazing view of your garden this way and allow plenty of natural light into your home.



Whether you are looking for a front door, back door or internal door for your home, you will undoubtedly find the best solution among these excellent types of doors. 

They will meet nearly any of your needs and demands and provide you with long-lasting and durable protection.

If you are looking for the best doors in Dublin, don’t hesitate to contact Classic Window Replacements, your top door supplier.