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Things To Look Out For During Window Installation

New a-rated windows and doors brighten up your house, they make it safer and more secure, and they can keep the draught out (and the noise!). 

But installing windows and doors can cause you a lot of stress if you hire the wrong company that does a bad job. 

When it comes to window installation, there are a few things to look out for when choosing a best window installation company to work with. When dealing with a reputable company, you need to be able to count on them to take care of every step of the window installation process with due diligence. 

But first … 

Why Invest In New Window Installation? 

New window and door installation is exciting! Here are a few reasons you may need a window installation to fit your house with brand new double glazing (or even triple glazing) windows: 

Your House Will Be More Secure 

Here at Classic Window Replacements, we understand exactly how important security is to our customers. We go above and beyond with our products when installing triple glazing (and double glazing) windows to ensure high levels of security at your home. 

You’ll Save Money 

With the likes of retrofit window installation, customers in Dublin can now save money by replacing their worn-down windows with brand new, energy efficient ones. These are intended to save you cash on your bills while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint! 

Your Home Will Be Quieter

Especially if you live on a busy road, or if your neighbours are a little bit noisy, brand new window and door installation can reduce exterior noises. This ensures greater peace of mind and allows you the joy of being able to relax in your own home. 

Things To Look Out For During Window Installation 

When choosing a best window installation company in Dublin, it’s important that you assess how professional and experienced the company is. Here are some things to look out for: 

They Survey For Correct Window Size

Surveying for correct window size is your bread and butter when it comes to window and door installation. If this bit is botched due to a simple oversight, the whole job is in the balance. 

A professional company will carry out a proper and thorough survey of your doors and windows, while measuring 3 points vertically and 2 points horizontally. They will also explain the whole process to you – the homeowner – so that you’re not taken by surprise if any extras are needed during the installation process. 

They Use High Quality Products 

It’s really important that a door and window installation company uses high quality products to provide you with a top-notch service. 

For example, the company should use high quality sealants, silicone and fixings. Internal beading for the glass, meanwhile, will stop glass removal from the exterior. Also look out for chambered profiles. If the company uses a good number of chambered profiles, the more energy efficient the windows will be as they will make for better insulation.

The company must also avoid products that are a big No-No when it comes to window and door installation and maintenance. For example, the likes of solvent-based cleaners and thinners should be avoided. 

They Check To See If The Windows And Doors Are Installed Properly 

Bad door and window installation is usually a result of poor measurements, poor maintenance and using incorrect screws. 

There are a couple of telltale signs that let you know when your retrofit door installation – for example – has gone awry. These include creaking sounds (annoying!), wonky door panels (terrible for people with OCD!) and tricky operation (in other words, you have to literally push your door to get it to open).

A professional window installation company in Dublin will not only make sure the mistakes that lead to poor installation are avoided in the first place, but they will also double-check to see that the windows and doors have been installed properly. 

Good installation is so important because a bad job will not only leave you with draughts, creaking sounds and doors that don’t open properly, it will also mean you need to fork out extra cash to either have the door repaired – or even replaced altogether. 

They Level The Sill 

It’s easy to assume that an existing sill is level – but this would be a poor assumption. The sill may not have been level when the builders constructed it in the first place, or it might have been budged out of place over time. 

Whatever is the case, it’s really important that your double glazing window installation company places a long level atop your window sill and measures it to make sure it’s level. 

Final Thoughts 

These are the things to look out for when choosing a best window installation company. As a final thought, it’s also a good idea for the window installation company to wait for a dry day to replace your windows as this will prevent rain from getting in! This is exactly what we at Classic Window Replacements do. 

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