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November 25 2021 0Comment
Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

In the world of windows, the most recent development in window technology is the aluminum sash window, a combination of a timber frame with aluminum casement windows. Aluminum sash windows are a recent development but they have many benefits over traditional wooden windows. And here at Classic Window Replacements, we sell and install such windows. […]

September 29 2021 0Comment
The History of Flush UPVC Windows 1

The History of Flush UPVC Windows

There’s a reason why windows are deemed as one of the most important components of our houses. It’s responsible for ventilation i.e. keeping air out or in, helps regulate temperature as well as noise, protect our houses from moisture, and of course, illuminate or darken our house’s interior. Let’s also not forget about the fact […]

July 05 2021 0Comment
Sash Windows In Dublin 2

Sash Windows In Dublin

We might be living in the modern world, but traditional sash windows that go all the way back to the Victorian era will never go out of fashion. They’re great to look at, they enhance the beauty of your home, and when you shop with Classic Window Replacements in Dublin, they’re also easy to install.  […]

July 05 2021 0Comment
classic window replacement

What Are A-Rated Windows?

When the winter season sets in Dublin, it can get really cold, even indoors. And when it gets cold, our heating bills go up, and so does our carbon footprint! Classic Window Replacements specializes in A-rated windows in Dublin, which enhance the energy efficiency rating of any home. A-rated windows are designed to keep your […]

November 12 2020 0Comment
classic window replacement

Things To Look Out For During Window Installation

New a-rated windows and doors brighten up your house, they make it safer and more secure, and they can keep the draught out (and the noise!).  But installing windows and doors can cause you a lot of stress if you hire the wrong company that does a bad job.  When it comes to window installation, […]

October 09 2020 0Comment
Lift and slide doors Dublin 1

Lift & Sliding Doors

Top notch lift and slide doors are now a must-have for energy efficient homes. As well as providing better heat insulation (and saving you money on your energy bills), they’re also a really elegant option that give your house a modern flourish, providing you with lots of light via much bigger panes of glass. At […]

July 18 2020 0Comment
Window and Door Showroom Dublin

Visiting Our Window and Door Showroom During COVID

How can you visit our window and door showroom during COVID-19? It’s a good question and we understand the concerns our customers have. At Classic Window Replacements, we’ve listened to government advice and put in place safety measures to make sure you can visit our showroom with confidence. Businesses in Dublin were forced to close […]

November 27 2019 0Comment
Aluminium Doors Dublin Ireland

What Type of Doors in Dublin Should You Choose for Your Home?

  When it comes to front doors, they are not just an entryway into your home. They have more than one function and should, therefore, satisfy more than one criterion. They should be functional, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, as well as provide adequate protection from both the outside elements and any potential intruders. But which doors […]

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