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How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows in Dublin


During the cold winter months in Dublin, you can experience a significant rise in your energy bills if the energy efficiency of your windows is not up to date.

While the best time to replace your windows in Dublin is during the warmer months, there are still a few things you can do to salvage the situation during the winter.

Follow these tips and you will undoubtedly make your windows more energy-efficient and your home more comfortable.


Perform Caulking and Weatherstripping

The easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows in Dublin is to reduce leaks and draughts that are entering through the cracks and gaps around your windows frames.

This can be done through caulking and weatherstripping.

Caulk can be used mainly around the frame and where the trim meets the wall. You should seal the cracks less than ¼ inch in width on the non-movable parts of your window.

If there are larger or irregular shaped gaps, it is better to fill them with a small can of spray foam which will expand to fill the space.

Weatherstripping is performed on the movable parts of the window, like the areas where the lower sash meets the sill.


Get the Right Draperies

By choosing the right window coverings, you add a thermal barrier. Keep in mind this will not stop air leaks, as well as caulking and weatherstripping, would.

However, if you hang thick curtains appropriately, it will decrease the discomfort that comes from draughty windows and it can even reduce heat loss by as much as 25%.

Don’t forget to let some of that Dublin sunlight in by opening the draperies during the day to heat up individual rooms.


Install Insulating Window Panels or Interior Storm Windows

One can also consider installing insulating window panels or interior storm windows.

Both of these products are not a permanent fix as they can be easily removed during summer time and then reused winter after winter.

These products consist of an insulating material encased in a wooden or metal frame. They are usually sealed tightly with magnets or Velcro against the interior side of existing window frames.

When it comes to insulating window panels, they are made of rigid insulation and will not completely obstruct your view when installed.

Interior storm windows, on the other hand, are made of a thin, durable sheet of plastic and will also maintain your view, but they will not offer as quality insulation as window panels.


Make Use of Window Films

Dublin homeowners can choose between a variety of window films on the market and do the installation themselves.

Window films typically come in rolls which can be cut into sheets that fit your window size. Once you attach the sheet with a double-sided tape, a hair dryer can be used to shrink the film. This will create a seal around the window and remove visible wrinkles.

Light will still be able to penetrate your room. However, because the film is attached to the window frame, it will not be possible to open the windows until you remove the film for good.


Final Thought

If none of the above solutions work for you, then your best option will be to invest in replacement windows that are energy efficient.

By installing quality energy-efficient windows in your home in Dublin, you can save a lot of electricity year after year without the hassle of temporary fixes.

Call a professional windows Dublin company to help you make the right window choice for your home.