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Palladio Doors Dublin

Tips on How to Maintain Your Palladio Doors


Palladio Doors are an excellent front door choice as they provide many benefits. 

For one, they are made to last a lifetime. This is because they are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as intrusion. 

Having said that, they do require some maintenance just like any other type of door. The good news is, however, that this maintenance required is minimal, which is another great benefit that makes Palladio doors Dublin attractive to homeowners. 

So, in order to make sure your Palladio door is functioning well and keeps on looking great for years to come, here are some tips on how to maintain them.


Cleaning the Door Frame


When it comes to cleaning your Palladio door and the door frame, it is necessary to use a soft sponge or cloth that is non-abrasive. 

A bowl of warm soapy water, for example, will do just fine. You can use hand soap or some dishwashing liquid as a cleaning agent. Avoid using any strong chemicals or solvents as they might harm the surface of the door. 

For drying your Palladio door, use a soft lint-free cloth. And once they are dry, all you need to do is use a little elbow-grease and wash off any unwelcome marks that were left behind.

When your Palladio door is clean and dry, you can use a multi-surface spray to give some added sheen and a polished finish to your entrance door. 


Cleaning the Glass and the Hardware


As for the glass in the Palladio door, the same rules apply – no strong cleaning agents and no abrasive cloths. 

You can clean the glass with a traditional glass cleaner the same way you would do the rest of the windows in your home. 

Un-polished hardware would stand out like a sore thumb against a clean Palladio door surface so make sure not to overlook these areas. 

The hardware of the door includes the door knockers, knobs, and letter plates. These areas can also be given a light wipe with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth. 


Lubricating the Door


Last but not least, it is crucial to lubricate your Palladio door. This step does not have to be taken every time you clean your door but make sure to do it at least twice a year. 

You can use oil (WD40) on the lever handle, cylinder, multi-point locking system as well as the hinges. Hinge caps can be easily removed for better access to moving parts. 

A small touch of grease lubricant can work wonders on hooks, deadbolts, and rollers as it will make the movement of the Palladio door smoother. 

The lubricant should be worked through all the parts of the door mechanism by moving the handle up and down at least 6 to 8 times. 




As you can see, maintaining a Palladio door is very easy and it does not require a lot of time and effort. 

All you need to do to keep them in top shape and beautiful is clean them with soap and water every now and then as well as lubricate them once a year. 

If you, too, are considering installing low-maintenance Palladio door, don’t hesitate to contact a professional door installation company.