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Composite Front Doors Dublin

How to Choose Between Different Front Doors for Your Home


The front door of a home is an essential visual feature of your home’s exterior and can increase its overall curb appeal. It is usually the focal point of your home and the first thing visitors will focus on. 

But apart from increasing your curb appeal, a door is also there provide you with adequate levels of protection and safety. 

Therefore, If you are considering installing a new front door, these are all things to keep in mind before you make your pick. 

Read on to find out more about these and some other important aspects that will help you choose the best door for your home.


The Best Style for Your Home


Some homeowners might choose the first door that appeals to them, while others might do some in-depth research on what type of front door style will fit in with the exterior of their home. 

It is good to know that you have many options when choosing the style of your front door, from high-end architectural styles to more traditional doors. 

Entry doors are divided into style classes, like single panel, arched, flushed, and double entry doors. 

Furthermore, you can choose between etched or glass panels and doors with sidelight panels, which can bring that decorative touch to your home.  


Door Safety and Quality


One of the main features of a front door that you should not take lightly is the security feature. 

It is always a better option to work with a window and door specialty company that has knowledge of security rather than buying from a Big Box retailer. 

In most cases, secure doors will have quality hardware and hinges that are set into a durable frame. Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts are examples of an excellent locking mechanism.  

Apart from security, a quality front door is also there to ensure privacy and intimacy for your home by providing adequate sound insulation. 


Additional Sunlight for Your Home


Having a quality and secure front door doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some other features that you may want on a door. 

For example, if you want additional light in your home by installing a door with window panels, you can still achieve security by choosing safety glass and privacy by choosing frosted glass. 

Front doors with above-eye level windows, such as arched glass panels above the door, are another option. 

Keep in mind that full glass composite front doors Dublin are usually more appropriate for wooded lots or private access homes as they do not provide an adequate level of privacy or security. 

However, they are a great choice if you want a great view of nature and some additional sunlight for your home. 


Consider Your Budget


The style of the door, the type, and the material will all affect the final cost. There are also some other cost factors to consider, such as labor, location, framing needs, and similar. 

When considering your budget, calculate that the door itself should be the most significant expense. 

In most cases, it is not worth making compromises when it comes to cost over quality. 

Therefore, keep in mind how important privacy and security are to you, consider the quality of the material, the style of the door, and then decide what you are willing to pay for these critical factors. 




With so many factors to keep in mind when installing a new front door, it is best to hire a reputable company that can advise you on the best front door for your needs. 

Call a professional door installation company today to help you create a striking first impression as well as achieve safety and security.