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Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

In the world of windows, the most recent development in window technology is the aluminum sash window, a combination of a timber frame with aluminum casement windows. Aluminum sash windows are a recent development but they have many benefits over traditional wooden windows. And here at Classic Window Replacements, we sell and install such windows.

The sash windows we offer are made of the highest quality materials, with the finest craftsmanship. They are durable, efficient, and beautifully designed, allowing you to take full advantage of the fresh air circulating through your home. 

These are perfect for fitting in any household, whether it is a grand Victorian property or a modern glass box. We ensure you get the best possible value for money, so you can enjoy the benefits of our sash windows for years to come.

History Of Sash Windows And Why They Are Popular 

Sash windows are the most common form of window found in the UK. The most common types of sash windows are the ‘Yorkshire’ and the ‘French’. Sash windows were developed in the 15th century, and are named after the hinged ‘sash’ or frame within the window. They were originally made from timber, but are now commonly made from aluminum or uPVC.

They are particularly popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Hong Kong, and recently in Ireland as well. The first aluminum sash window was produced in 1842 by James Lucas, an Englishman living in Bristol.

Aluminum sash windows are a type of window that is still very popular today. They were first created at the end of the 19th Century and are now commonly found in the UK. 

However, aluminum sash windows are incredibly versatile, as a matter of fact, they have many benefits over traditional wooden windows. Indeed, a huge number of people have chosen to install aluminum sash windows for these reasons.

Why You Should Install Aluminium Sash Windows

Aluminum is a lightweight metal, which makes it the perfect choice for conservatories. Indeed, it is twice as strong as steel and more than 30 times lighter. Aluminum is also highly durable and will not rust or rot. This means that it is one of the most resilient products on the market.

When a window is open, the best way to see inside is to look at the window pane. This pane is usually made of glass or plastic and is made to enable the window to open. As the window is opened it pushes up on the sash or frame, moving the sash up and down. This means that it is easy to open and close windows.

Sash windows are useful in many ways. One main benefit of sash windows is that they are energy efficient. As the window is a solid object rather than a screen, it can be more heavily built and have more insulation. As the main load on the window is in the sash, it is possible to create windows that are more than 40% thicker than a traditional screen window.

So, if you are looking for someone to install new windows into your house and are hoping to get some aluminum sash windows, hit us up! Here at Classic Window Replacements, we would be more than happy to provide you with the best quality windows and have them installed at your house. 

Considering all the benefits and reasons to buy sash windows, we recommend you give them a shot and make your house look way better than it already does. So, give us a call and order now!