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Composite Doors Price Dublin

Essential Things to Know About Composite Doors


Up until recent years, UPVC and wooden entrance doors were the most popular front door choices among homeowners. However, this is slowly changing as composite doors are becoming more and more popular.

What prompted this rise in popularity? What are composite doors exactly and what are the main advantages that they can bring to your home?

Read on to find out!


What Are Advanced Composite Doors?


Composite doors are currently seen as the most robust types of doors on the market as they are made out of a selection of materials including timber, glass-reinforced plastic, uPVC, and more.

The materials that are selected to construct a composite door are chosen based on their specific properties and then fused together, which results in a one-of-a-kind durable door.

Composite doors on their own are an excellent choice but homeowners also have the possibility to opt for advanced composite doors.

These advanced door solutions known as double glazed composite doors can give you even more bang for your buck.

Double glazed composite doors are extremely energy-efficient and provide even more security and strength.

Therefore, they are the perfect choice for composite front doors Dublin because you can expect maximum performance for decades before replacement is needed.

Speak to a professional door installation company in your area to find out what options they have when it comes to advanced composite doors as the advanced types might differ from company to company.


What Are the Advantages of Composite Doors?


One of the main advantages of a composite door is that it can imitate the look of a wooden door, giving your home that beautiful, classic look but without the added maintenance.

Composite doors have a wooden look thanks to the prominent woodgrain effect they have throughout the design, which makes them look very elegant.

However, their maintenance level is significantly lower than with wooden doors – there is virtually none needed.

These doors do not require repainting, sanding, or varnishing. Some soapy water and cloth from time to time are all that is necessary to clean them and maintain them in good condition.

These doors also have a long lifespan and one can expect a newly installed composite door to last over 30 years.

This is because these doors are incredibly durable and do not warp, chip, scratch, rot or discolor over time or under the influence of the weather.

And finally, composite doors are also very sturdy and safe. They cannot be broken into easily as they come with a multi-point locking system that is integrated into the solid stainless steel that runs through the entire frame length.


Final Thought

With so many benefits, composite doors are an excellent choice for a front door.

They will give your home great curb appeal while demanding very little maintenance. They will keep you comfortable, safe, and protected for years, even decades to come and stand strong against any type of weather.

If you, too, want to benefit from this type of front door, call a professional to find out what composite door would be the best fit for your home.