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Windows Replacement Dublin

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for Your Dublin Home


When it comes to replacing your windows in Dublin, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

One of the most important things for many homeowners is that their windows compliment the overall aesthetics of their property. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, both inside and outside.

However, another important aspect to keep in mind is the level of energy efficiency and protection that the windows provide.  

What roles do glass and window frames play in this aspect and how to find the perfect window style? 

Read on and find out. 


Window Style


Windows can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your Dublin home.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that many homeowners are focused on the style of the windows and the curb appeal of the property. 

Any window professional, such as a home architect, a window manufacturer or a window installer, will be able to provide several clues on the right window style to use. 

Therefore, if you are uncertain which type of window will compliment your home, make sure to ask a professional before you purchase. 

There are many styles to choose from, from double-hung windows to specialty shaped windows. 

Other things one can consider include decorative upgrades, such as decorative glass options and grids, which can add a creative touch to any home.  


Frame Material


The amount of maintenance that windows Dublin will require will depend on what material window frames are made out of. 

For instance, if you choose PVC, you will have an easy time maintaining your window frames as PVC does not warp, peel or rot. Another benefit of PVC window frames is that they do not require staining or painting throughout their lifetime. 

These types of window frames can also be easily customized as one can select from a variety of colours to coordinate or contrast with the existing home exterior. 

Another great benefit of PVC frames is that they can imitate wood frames and give your home that original old window look. 

Many homeowners like this classic, rustic window style and with PVC, you can now have it without all the maintenance that wooden windows would require. 


Glass Package


One of the most critical components when it comes to energy efficiency in windows is the glass package. 

For instance, you can choose between double and triple-pane glass. Double-pane is the standard choice and triple-pane is made out of an extra pane of glass and additional airspace to improve energy savings and sound blocking capabilities. 

Argon gas is another component which increases the thermal efficiency of the window. This gas is invisible, odourless, and denser than air. Argon gas is typically filled between the glass panes. 

Another invisible, odourless gas used in windows is Krypton gas. This gas is filled between the glass panes, typically when creating exceptionally efficient replacement windows. 

And last but not least, Low-E glazing is used to enhance the energy efficiency of windows.

This is a coating that gets applied on the outside or inside the panes of glass. It helps to reduce heat transfer and reflects sunlight during the summer. During the winter, on the other hand, it allows sunlight to stream through the glass, keeping the home warm. 

The combination of these technologies plays a significant role in the overall energy-efficiency of the windows and the energy savings. 


Final thought


Buying replacement windows at a store might be convenient but you will get a better deal for your money when working with a professional windows Dublin company.

Professionals work with high-quality manufacturers and they will be able to provide you with precisely fitted windows for your home that will match its style, as well as increase your home’s insulation levels and energy-efficiency. 

Contact a professional window replacement company in Dublin if you want a quality window replacement.