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Lift and slide doors Dublin 1

Lift & Sliding Doors

Top notch lift and slide doors are now a must-have for energy efficient homes. As well as providing better heat insulation (and saving you money on your energy bills), they’re also a really elegant option that give your house a modern flourish, providing you with lots of light via much bigger panes of glass. At […]

Aluminium Doors Dublin Ireland

What Type of Doors in Dublin Should You Choose for Your Home?

  When it comes to front doors, they are not just an entryway into your home. They have more than one function and should, therefore, satisfy more than one criterion. They should be functional, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, as well as provide adequate protection from both the outside elements and any potential intruders. But which doors […]

Composite Doors Price Dublin

Essential Things to Know About Composite Doors

  Up until recent years, UPVC and wooden entrance doors were the most popular front door choices among homeowners. However, this is slowly changing as composite doors are becoming more and more popular. What prompted this rise in popularity? What are composite doors exactly and what are the main advantages that they can bring to […]

Composite Front Doors Dublin

How to Choose Between Different Front Doors for Your Home

  The front door of a home is an essential visual feature of your home’s exterior and can increase its overall curb appeal. It is usually the focal point of your home and the first thing visitors will focus on.  But apart from increasing your curb appeal, a door is also there provide you with […]

Palladio Doors Dublin

Tips on How to Maintain Your Palladio Doors

  Palladio Doors are an excellent front door choice as they provide many benefits.  For one, they are made to last a lifetime. This is because they are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as intrusion.  Having said that, they do require some maintenance just like any other type of door. The good […]

Is It Time for a New Patio Door 5 Signs that Say It Is

Is It Time for a New Patio Door? 5 Signs that Say It Is

If your patio door is old, dated or damaged, you may experience some adverse effects inside of your home. Leaving such flawed doors in place can lead to a lower quality of life inside your home, decreased functionality, as well as lower energy efficiency. The quality and functionality of your patio doors are, therefore, very [...]
french doors

All You Need to Know About French Doors

French doors are an excellent solution for your home if you need a functional and beautiful door leading to your outdoor living space. French doors will not only give you great functionality and aesthetic appeal, but they will also provide you with excellent protection and provide you with great amounts of natural light. Read on […]

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