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Are Aluminum Clad Windows Worth The Purchase

Are Aluminum-Clad Windows Worth The Purchase?

Aluclad windows are windows manufactured from a special aluminum alloy that resists corrosion, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.  Such windows are a cost-effective solution for replacing windows and they may be a better option than vinyl windows in areas where the weather is difficult to deal with. The aluminum-clad windows are the most […]

Things To Know About A Rated High Security uPVC Windows

Things To Know About A-Rated High-Security uPVC Windows

A-rated uPVC windows are the highest security options on the market. They are made with the very best materials and have the most stringent security standards of any other option.  They are the strongest, most durable, and most energy-efficient windows available, and they come with a lifetime warranty. They are the best choice for high-security […]

French Doors Can Add That Extra Luxurious Feel To Any Home

French Doors Can Add That Extra Luxurious Feel To Any Home!

French doors are a great way to add style and functionality to your home. They offer the best of both worlds: the beauty and charm of an elegant door without the inconvenience of a bulky wall.  They are an excellent choice for bringing the outside in, adding a touch of comfort and coziness to your […]

The Advantages Of Installing Double Glazed Windows In Your Home

The Advantages Of Installing Double Glazed Windows In Your Home

The UK window industry is one of the most technologically advanced in the world, and has been pioneering the latest window technologies since the 19th century. This industry has developed a wide variety of specialist windows to suit a wide range of applications, from balanced thermal performance to acoustic seals.  Today, double glazed windows are […]

Do French Doors Add Value To A Home

Do French Doors Add Value To A Home?

French doors add architectural interest and value to a home’s exterior. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from the classic arched door to the single paneled door.  They can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, increase living space, and increase the amount of natural light for a room.  […]

Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

Find The Best Aluminium Sash Windows In Ireland

In the world of windows, the most recent development in window technology is the aluminum sash window, a combination of a timber frame with aluminum casement windows. Aluminum sash windows are a recent development but they have many benefits over traditional wooden windows. And here at Classic Window Replacements, we sell and install such windows. […]

The History of Flush UPVC Windows 1

The History of Flush UPVC Windows

There’s a reason why windows are deemed as one of the most important components of our houses. It’s responsible for ventilation i.e. keeping air out or in, helps regulate temperature as well as noise, protect our houses from moisture, and of course, illuminate or darken our house’s interior. Let’s also not forget about the fact […]

Sash Windows In Dublin 2

Sash Windows In Dublin

We might be living in the modern world, but traditional sash windows that go all the way back to the Victorian era will never go out of fashion. They’re great to look at, they enhance the beauty of your home, and when you shop with Classic Window Replacements in Dublin, they’re also easy to install.  […]

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What Are A-Rated Windows?

When the winter season sets in Dublin, it can get really cold, even indoors. And when it gets cold, our heating bills go up, and so does our carbon footprint! Classic Window Replacements specializes in A-rated windows in Dublin, which enhance the energy efficiency rating of any home. A-rated windows are designed to keep your […]

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