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Rome Palladio Compsoite Door

5 Reasons Why Palladio Composite Doors Are Your Best Front Door Choice

Home is extremely important to any person and it says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. After all, it is where you spend a lot of leisure time with your families and friends. And for this reason, investing in a high-quality Palladio door is the best investment you can make for your well-being, comfort, and security.

They are one of the best performing doors in today’s market and they come with a number of different benefits for your home.

Therefore, read on and find out what Palladio composite doors exactly are and what makes them the best choice for your home’s front door.

What Are Palladio Composite Doors?

A Palladio composite door is a type of door that is not made out of a single material, but out of a combination of several different materials that make them stronger and more durable. For example, they usually come reinforced with steel frames, as well as with a surface coating for additional protection.

Apart from that, Palladio doors are not foam-filled like many other conventional types, but they come with a reinforced fibreglass pressure that is formed into a monocoque shape, which gives them their excellent insulating properties.

Palladio doors are made to be strong, durable, aesthetically appealing, and to stand the test of times. Take a look at some of its main advantages and find out why they are the best choice for any home.

Key Benefits of Palladio Composite Doors

Palladio doors are the first choice of front doors for many homeowners as they check all the most important boxes. They bring you both functionality and curb appeal, great performance and unmatched durability. Here are some of their key benefits and advantages over some of the more traditional types, such as solid wood doors:

1. Insulation and Energy Efficiency

One of the key advantages that a Palladio composite door will bring you is its distinct insulating property and energy efficiency.

As opposed to the other types of doors, primarily solid wood doors, Palladio doors come very thick and with advanced technologies that allow them to close extremely tightly so that no air can escape your home or come inside it. There will be no gaps, the doors will not bend or warp, and you will have optimal indoor temperatures.

Palladio doors come with a double rebate system with two seals, which means that they achieve outstanding draught proofing for your home. In addition to that, the hinges on the doors are also rebated, ensuring great weather performance ratings and protection.

These characteristics mean that with this composite door, your home’s energy efficiency will improve significantly, as it will keep the heat inside during cold weather and cool air during hot weather.

Apart from that, the door’s insulating properties also include excellent noise insulation, which means that the amount of noise from the outside will be significantly reduced.

2. Security

Palladio composite doors rank extremely well when it comes to security. Apart from being very thick, air-tight, and sturdy, they come with a variety of different locking mechanisms to suit everyone’s needs and security requirements.

When compared to wooden doors, Palladio doors offer higher levels of security and are more durable. While wooden doors also ranked well in regards to security, they are prone to deterioration due to weathering. The elements take their toll on them over time and they become more vulnerable.

Palladio doors, on the other hand, cannot warp or bend under the influence of the weather, which makes them a better choice both for now and for the long term. Apart from that, they have a strength to weight ratio that is unmatched by any other type of doors.

3. Cost and Maintenance

Palladio composite doors do come at a slightly higher price than some other (less durable) types of doors, such as the solid wood door. However, in spite of that, a Palladio door will still be a more cost-effective front door solution.

Palladio composite doors are basically maintenance-free, as they are not prone to weathering, there will be very little to no wear and tear over time, aging, warping, peeling, and similar issues that are very likely to happen with wooden doors.

With Palladio doors, all you need is a regular linen cloth and some soap and water to clean them every once in a while. A wooden door, on the other hand, is often hard to get properly cleaned and they may look untidy and worn out over time.

4. Life Expectancy

When it comes to a solid wood door, their life expectancy usually depends on the weather, elements, the amount of wear and tear it is exposed to over time, as well as on the amount of maintenance they get. They will generally last up to 30 years but with regular maintenance and a re-varnish every couple of years.

A Palladio composite door, on the other hand, is a door that will last you a lifetime. All you will need to do from time to time is to oil the moving parts on the doors, such as the hinges. These doors, therefore, are the best investment as you won’t need another door for the rest of your life once you’ve installed Palladio composite doors.

5. Curb Appeal

In addition to all the safety features, levels of security, energy efficiency, insulation, and cost-effectiveness, with Palladio composite doors, you will also gain outstanding curb appeal.

They come in a wide range of different colours and finishes and they can also imitate wood very successfully. This means that you will have a door that looks and feels completely like wood but with better features, performance, and upgraded quality.

You can choose among many different colours and opt for the one that matches the rest of your home and exterior best. The aesthetic appeal of your home will improve significantly and with it, the value of your home as well.


With Palladio composite doors, you will not have to choose between quality, design, and affordability, because you can have it all at once. A strong, resilient, long-lasting, beautiful, and cost-effective front door solution is available to all homeowners in the form of Palladio composite doors.

If you are looking for the perfect solution for your home, don’t hesitate to contact your best Palladio composite door contractors and get the best front door installation services in Dublin.