Sash Windows That Go With Your Home’s Aesthetics

sash windows

Windows come in different shapes and sizes, and sash windows happen to stand out quite a lot. Whether you are planning to replace your old windows or get completely new windows installed into your new house, sash windows can be an amazing option. 

Lucky for you, here at Classic Window Replacements, we have the best sash design windows, and offer them at a considerably affordable price. 

We Offer UPVC Sash Windows

Our A-rated UPVC sash windows are the best you can get in all of Dublin. We care about preserving the environment and saving energy as well. The sash windows, that we offer, help you save a lot of energy, as well as, money on heating up your house. 

The glasses used in these windows are able to capture more heat, which allows it to keep the house warmer than other alternatives. This is one of the reasons we love UPVC sash windows; you get to warm the house up without spending even a single euro on a heater. 

Smooth Vertical Sliding

Along with the benefits of a modern window, you get a traditional overall design. The window slides up vertically, which looks really nice when the window is kept open. This sliding up is super smooth making the window feel even better. 

Available In Different Colors

It might come as a surprise, but you can get these windows in quite a number of colours. We care about how the window looks with the colour of your house and the overall decor of it. This is why we offer this window in white, cream, grey, and black. 

All of these colours look absolutely beautiful and feature a grained finish on them. This grainy feel gives the windows a very vintage vibe. So if you’re into that kind of house decor, you are going to love these sash windows. 

Intricate Designs On The Handles

The handles of a sash window are quite different from regular windows that open outwardly. You get the privilege of choosing from a bunch of handle options such as luxury handles, sash pulls, locks, knobs, and even horns. Get them in different colours and designs, according to your taste. The finish on these handles is always flawless and they retain the aforementioned vintage vibe in them. 

Durable Built Protects Against Damage

From the window frame to the sliding mechanism, handles, and glass, everything needs to be durable enough. We see so many people having to replace their windows because they broke down or started showing issues. To prevent that, we make sure our ones are durable, to begin with. 

Ask For A Free Quote 

If you want to get your hands on sash windows, but don’t know what to expect, ask for a free quotation from us. We can help clear out any confusion and explain how and why you could replace your current windows and get a UPVC sash window instead. So wait no more, contact us now!