The Best Supplier For Apeer Composite Doors

Apeer composite doors

If you are hoping to upgrade your old doors, because they either got broken, scratched or simply faded, you want to replace them with composite doors. And what better place to get your hands on Apeer composite doors in Ireland than Classic Window Replacements

Brought straight from the brand’s manufacturers, these doors have “high-quality” written all over them (not literally). And we happen to supply them to our customers all over Ireland. 

Doors That Provide High Security

In case you did not know, composite doors are highly durable and have a sturdy built. Composite doors are not built from a single kind of material, as you can tell from the name. It is produced from a combination of high-density polyurethane and fibreglass. 

This combination is what lays the foundation for such a highly durable structure for the door. And for this reason, these doors ensure your security by all means. Say goodbye to having to worry about your homes being broken into. Because these bad boys are meant to stand tall even upon high impact. 

We Offer Them In Different Colors And Designs

We bring these composite doors straight from the Apeer factory, which implies that you can order any color or design you choose. You can select from a wide range of designs made by the manufacturers and order them through us. 

Choose anything from traditional door designs to contemporary, silka, etc. designs as well. It is our duty to make sure you receive your desired design and colour for the door, and are satisfied with the purchase. 

Choose Between UPVC Doors And Composite Doors

In case you don’t prefer composite doors (which we highly doubt), you can also get your hands on different types of UPVC doors. Here at Classic Window Replacements, we have it all!

We Are The Best Door Suppliers In Dublin

You cannot find another door and window replacement store that has as many high-quality products in their inventory as us. Not only that, but we also offer free installation on top of delivering your desired door or window. 

We take pride in the fact that we provide A-grade composite doors and high-security windows. And this claim can be backed up by the experiences our previous customers have had. 

Design Your Own Custom Door

Want to know what the best part about using our service is? You get to design your own custom door! You can customize your composite door design and have us deliver it to your doorstep (pun intended). Select your desired door type and choose the colour of the door, and leave the rest to us!

Contact Us And Have Your Door Replaced 

So, if you happen to live in Ireland and are very much interested in replacing your current doors with Apeer composite doors, contact us today! We are usually closed on Sundays, so make sure to call us up on some other day of the week to use our door replacement services.