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November 05 2019 0Comment
Composite Front Doors Dublin

How to Choose Between Different Front Doors for Your Home

  The front door of a home is an essential visual feature of your home’s exterior and can increase its overall curb appeal. It is usually the focal point of your home and the first thing visitors will focus on.  But apart from increasing your curb appeal, a door is also there provide you with […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
Palladio Doors Dublin

Tips on How to Maintain Your Palladio Doors

  Palladio Doors are an excellent front door choice as they provide many benefits.  For one, they are made to last a lifetime. This is because they are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as intrusion.  Having said that, they do require some maintenance just like any other type of door. The good […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
uPVC windows Dublin

Comparing uPVC and PVC Windows for Your Home: Are There Any Differences?

  The “u” in the word uPVC can be used to explain the difference between uPVC and PVC.  While “PVC” stands for polyvinyl chloride, the “u” in uPVC stands for unplasticised. In other words, windows that are made from uPVC contain a different kind of plastics than PVC windows.  Here is a more in-depth explanation […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
Windows Replacement Dublin

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for Your Dublin Home

  When it comes to replacing your windows in Dublin, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  One of the most important things for many homeowners is that their windows compliment the overall aesthetics of their property. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, both inside and outside. However, another important aspect […]

October 02 2019 0Comment

Is It Time for a New Patio Door? 5 Signs that Say It Is

If your patio door is old, dated or damaged, you may experience some adverse effects inside of your home. Leaving such flawed doors in place can lead to a lower quality of life inside your home, decreased functionality, as well as lower energy efficiency. The quality and functionality of your patio doors are, therefore, very [...]
May 17 2019 0Comment
uPVC Double Glazing Windows Dublin

Benefits of UPVC Window Installation

Old and dated windows and window frames are not only an aesthetical problem for your home but also a functional and practical one because, with older windows, you might be losing more than just curb appeal – you are probably losing energy and money as well. If you have noticed a lot of draughts around […]

May 17 2019 0Comment

5 Questions to Ask Before Converting Your Garage or an Attic into a Room

When you are in need of some additional living space in your home, then you should consider doing an attic or a garage conversion. Apart from being a very attractive and functional solution, these conversions also come as highly cost-effective home remodelling projects. Creating a new room out of a previously unused space or out […]

May 17 2019 0Comment

All You Need to Know About French Doors

French doors are an excellent solution for your home if you need a functional and beautiful door leading to your outdoor living space. French doors will not only give you great functionality and aesthetic appeal, but they will also provide you with excellent protection and provide you with great amounts of natural light. Read on […]

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