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November 27 2019 0Comment
Aluminium Doors Dublin Ireland

What Type of Doors in Dublin Should You Choose for Your Home?

  When it comes to front doors, they are not just an entryway into your home. They have more than one function and should, therefore, satisfy more than one criterion. They should be functional, aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, as well as provide adequate protection from both the outside elements and any potential intruders. But which doors […]

November 16 2019 0Comment
Windows Price Dublin

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows in Dublin

  During the cold winter months in Dublin, you can experience a significant rise in your energy bills if the energy efficiency of your windows is not up to date. While the best time to replace your windows in Dublin is during the warmer months, there are still a few things you can do to […]

November 11 2019 0Comment
A-Rated uPVC Windows Dublin

Things to Consider When Choosing uPVC Windows

  If you are in the process of searching for the right type of windows for your home, the chances are good that someone has already recommended installing uPVC windows. uPVC windows have become a very popular choice among homeowners due to the many benefits they bring to their homes. They are low in cost, […]

November 11 2019 0Comment
Composite Doors Price Dublin

Essential Things to Know About Composite Doors

  Up until recent years, UPVC and wooden entrance doors were the most popular front door choices among homeowners. However, this is slowly changing as composite doors are becoming more and more popular. What prompted this rise in popularity? What are composite doors exactly and what are the main advantages that they can bring to […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
Composite Front Doors Dublin

How to Choose Between Different Front Doors for Your Home

  The front door of a home is an essential visual feature of your home’s exterior and can increase its overall curb appeal. It is usually the focal point of your home and the first thing visitors will focus on.  But apart from increasing your curb appeal, a door is also there provide you with […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
Palladio Doors Dublin

Tips on How to Maintain Your Palladio Doors

  Palladio Doors are an excellent front door choice as they provide many benefits.  For one, they are made to last a lifetime. This is because they are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as intrusion.  Having said that, they do require some maintenance just like any other type of door. The good […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
uPVC windows Dublin

Comparing uPVC and PVC Windows for Your Home: Are There Any Differences?

  The “u” in the word uPVC can be used to explain the difference between uPVC and PVC.  While “PVC” stands for polyvinyl chloride, the “u” in uPVC stands for unplasticised. In other words, windows that are made from uPVC contain a different kind of plastics than PVC windows.  Here is a more in-depth explanation […]

November 05 2019 0Comment
Windows Replacement Dublin

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for Your Dublin Home

  When it comes to replacing your windows in Dublin, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  One of the most important things for many homeowners is that their windows compliment the overall aesthetics of their property. Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, both inside and outside. However, another important aspect […]

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